Artist Tin Win (Beiktano)

Artist Tin Win (Beiktano)

U Tin Win, born 1952 in Myanmar, is a graduate of the State School of Fine Arts in Mandalay in 1970.  Tin Win is highly regarded in his homeland as a ‘Master Artist’.  His painting techniques and commitment to details have had a profound impact on budding artists across Myanmar and South East Asia.  While he has an art portfolio comprising of both abstract and realistic compositions, his newer works focus mainly on photorealism artwork of portraits of the different hill tribes of Myanmar.

Tin Win’s motivation for his latest paintings stamps from his desire to share with the world the diversity of the indigenous tribes of Myanmar whose livelihood, cultural values and dignity remain largely intact despite economic and social modernization.  The fine details and strong colors of the subjects in his paintings are hallmarks of Tin Win’s immaculate craftsmanship.

Embracing Eastern and Western cultural traditions and artistic styles in his abstract and surrealism paintings is a lifelong pursuit for Tin Win.  He adapts cubism in the Myanmar way, one that is rooted with rich religious and cultural history.  This style has since been established and recognized as distinctly Tin Win’s.

Tin Win has held exhibitions in Myanmar and around the world, and the keen interest from international art collectors will continue to grow as his works receive further prominence. 

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