Artist Nyein Nyein Ei

Artist Nyein Nyein Ei

Artist Nyein Nyein Ei

I am Nyein Nyein Ei. Since I was young, I was very fond of art especially in drawing. I feel bored at sports and lectures. I was drawing and drawing all the time.

Within 2000 years, one of the monks is dead at my provenance. Most of professors at a university attend to the funeral. At that funeral, an abbot asked me to join the university. Because of his suggestion, I joined that university. Luckily, I got some information that students of that university have a chance to major in art especially in drawing. In this way, I delightedly join the course majoring in drawing.
I studied about drawing from 2000 to 2004. It takes four years to learn about drawing systematically.
I have a plan to join a master program now. A person who has qualified in art gets a chance to join that program. The master program has not opened at 2014, the time that I have graduated. This program lasts only two years. Interested in drawing of cats makes me to specialize in studied about cats for my thesis paper at that program.

It is not enabled to make pictures all the time for I am from provenance and it is hard to struggle as a painter in Yangon. This makes me to work as a teacher of drawing to children for my living. I am passionate to join the master program. For this reason, I attended the master course as soon as I got a chance. I am a first year of master student now.

At first, l drew pictures about ethnic minorities. Most of the foreigners are interested in that pictures. Popularity and profitability of selling that pictures in art galleries, I created those pictures a lot instead of drawing what I actually create. My priority tends to change of drawing cats in the late time for I love cats too much. I drew them with colorful pencils.
I tend to change my way of drawing cats with new styles gradually. So, I tried it as I could. For my research paper of master thesis, I drew a picture of Burmese cat with my daughter. I want to explore the history of Burmese cats in Myanmar with my daughter. As a next step, I have my own inspiration to create pictures of Burmese cats with an innovative style.

For the first time I research into cats, my first interest tends to Burmese Cats. According to research, they are born at palace and monastery systematically. At colonial times, these species of cats mixed with other species and they gradually dwindled away. By reminiscing those times, I explore the existence of those Burmese cats in the past. In this way, I created a picture of Burmese cats with my lovely little daughter.

I haven’t collected my pictures to make my solo show. So, I still continue to try to implement it. I exhibited my works at group show and it may be nearly 40 shows. I exhibited them yearly with my artist friends. And I also tried to show my pictures of cats in my solo show.

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