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The painting above is the creative artwork of the artist U Hla Phone Aung . He was born in the town from Magway district, the upper-middle region of Myanmar, in 1966. In his youth, he was also a student of the famous Myanmar artists, U Lun Gywe, U Kyaw Lay, U Mya Aye, U Thit Lwin Soe, and U Hsay Yoe. Some of the art masters mentioned above are regarded as Myanmar’s full- time artists. The student, U Hla Phone Aung had gained the knowledge and practical experience by combining the teachings of his masters and created his own style of painting. From 1993 to now, he worked as a full-time artist and the majority of his art exhibitions have been shown overseas with the total abroad art exhibitions of 40 including China, Japan, USA, UAE, and ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. He also participated in 25 local art shows. Among his 3 solo shows, he held his second solo exhibition in Singapore. He penetrated into the international art market by taking part in the October Glerum’s Auction, Singapore in 1999. U Hla Phone Aung worked as an instructor from 1993-1994 at the State School of Fine Art, Yangon, and guided the future artists with high-quality art education based on his experience and knowledge.

Poem of Attaran River

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