Khine Maung Zaw Describe – Artist U Bogie

Khine Maung Zaw Describe – Artist U Bogie

I would like to introduce the painting of U Bogie which will be included in Asia Art Connect’s auction show. Artist U Bogie was born in 1949 and graduated with civil engineering. Artist U Bogie is good at painting with this sort of paper collage. He is also good at creating realistic art. His paintings cannot be seen in many quantity but his paintings are really popular in the market. Since there are not so many painting of his, art lovers have to pay much money for his paintings to be collected. It is really glad for showcasing the painting of Sayar U Bogie at this auction hosted by Asia Art Connect.

Tin Win Describe - Artist U Shwe Aung Thein

September 29, 2019

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