Artist MT Oung’s painting

Artist MT Oung’s painting

OK Gallery coordinator, Artist Khin Maung Zaw explains about Artist MT Oung’s painting that will be auction at Novotel Yangon Max Hotel on 22 Oct 2019.

Khine Maung Zaw Describe – Artist M.T Oung

OK Art gallery is participated in this auction show hosted by Asia Art Connect. I would like to introduce with this painting. This painting is the artwork of M.T Oung. He was born in 1965 and studied under U Shwe Aung who is the closest student of U Shwe Aung. Artist M.T Oung is good at creating oil painting. His major art style is called hyper-realism which is a technique of painting in details. His artworks are collected by Yangon National Museum and Fukuoka Museum in Japan. And also, the collectors from abroad and local are collecting his artworks as well. This painting was created in 2010.

Organized By;
Asia Art Connect & Novotel Yangon Max Hotel

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