Artist Moe Nyo

Artist Moe Nyo

1-2003,January,MOE NYO First Solo Show,AZADA Art Gallery,Myanmar

2-2004,July,MOE NYO Second Solo Show,AZADA Art Gallery,Myanmar

3-2005,November,MOE NYO Solo Show,Writer Club,Chaing Mai,Thailand

4-2010,March,MOE NYO Slol Show in Chaing Mai,

(Suvannahumi Art Gallery,Chaing Mai,Thailand)

5-2011,July,MOE NYO 5th Solo Show,Ministry of Culture Art Gallery,Myanmar

6-2012,October,MOE NYO 6th Solo Art Show

(Suvannahumi Art Gallery,Chaing Mai,Thailand)

7-2013,January,MOE NYO 7th Solo Art Show

(Trish Gallery,Yangon,Myanmar)

8-2015,December,MOE NYO 8th Solo Art Show (Suvannahumi Art Gallery,Chaing Mai,Thailand)

9-2017,November MOE NYO 9th Solo Art Show (The Yangon Gallery,Myanmar)

Group Show

*Since 1997,participated in over 150 group Art Exhibitions at Local and Abroad.

Some of Oversea Group Show

1-2006,August,A Season of Burmese Art in Chaing Mai

(Suvannahumi Art Gallery,Chaing Mai,Thailand)

2-2007,March,Burmese Magic Art Exhibition,

(Asia Fine Art,Fringe Club,Hong Kong)

3-2007,May,Homage to Buddha Art Exhibition,

(Asia Fine Art,Lee Garden,Hong Kong)

4-2007,July,Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition,

(Chaing Mai University,Chaing Mai,Thailand)

5-2007,September,Autumn Beauty,

(Asia Fine Art Gallery,Hong Kong)

6-2009,August,Burmese Water Colour,

(Asia Fine Art Gallery,Hong Kong)

7-2010,October,Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition,

(Chaing Mai University Art Center,Chaing Mai,Thailand)

8-2012,April,Asian Watercolour Expression 2012.4 City Safari Exhibition


9-2012-July,International Summer Exhibition,

(Gallery Plan B,Washington DC,USA)2012-October,

10-201 2 Incheon Global Cities Arts Exchange Grand Festival

(Incheon Culture and Arts Center, Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea )

11-2014,March,The 3rd GNWP Shanghai Exhibition

(Shanghai Hongqiao Comtemporary Art Museum)

12-2014,Burma/Vietnam/Cambodia:Leading Light Group Exhibition


13-2014,October,Asian Water Colour Expression II 2014

(Bentara Budaya Bali- Indonesia)

14-2015,April,Masters of Myanmar Art

(The Edge Galerie,Kuala Lumpur)

15-2015,Affordable Art Fair,Sixth Autumn Edition in Singapore


16-2016,May,The Group Exhibition ASEAN-China Academies of Fine Arts

(Tianjin Academy,China)

17-2016,June,Asian Watercolour Art Exhibition


18-2016,October,LOVE.UNITED,1st International Watercolour Biennale Hong Kong

(Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery,Lingnan University)

19,2017,October,The 2nd International Water Colour Biennale

(Hanoi Museum, Vietnam)

20-2017,October, Incheon Global Cities Arts Exchange Grand Festival

(Incheon Culture and Arts Center, Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea )

21-2018,September,An Aspect of Myanmar Art Exhibition

(Insa Art Center,Seoul,Korea)

22-2018,October, The International Watercolour League Exhibition

(Incheon Culture and Arts Center, Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea )

Member of Myanmar Artists Organization

Menmer of GNWP(Global Network of Watercolour Painters)

Member of IWS,Myanmar(International WaterColour Scoeity,Myanmar) el

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