Artist Khin Maung Than

Artist Khin Maung Than

  • Attended art class for 3 years at Pantra Art
    School from 1954 to 1957.
  • After that, left from that art school and wrote
    for posters.
  • Made 20 artworks for each good book that are Zat
    Taw Gyi (10)Bwae, Mahar Payta Novel, Damapada(4) Bwae, Wimarna Novel and Manikonedala
  • Also made the artworks concerned with histories
    such as Pintaya Shwe U Min History, Shwe Sat Taw History and Maharmuni History.
    Other artworks about buddhist history were painted too.
  • Now, he is performing as an educational board member
    at National Culture and Art University (Mandalay)
  • He was awarded as a lionize MA degree from
    National Culture and Art University (Manalay).

1997 : Art Exhibition at Kanaung Art
Gallery (Mandalay).

2000 : Art Exhibition at Bagan

2000 : One Man Show named Yatha Alinga at
Htan Yeik Nyo Art Gallery (Mandalay).

2001 : Art Exhibition at Jade Crown
Gallery, Daw Thein Tin Road, Yangon.

2013 : Exhibited 3 Water Color artworks and sold out 2 out of 3 at Shanghai, China.

Remarks: He couldn’t held futher exhibitions anymore because the artworks he made were sold out immediately all the time.


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